PIONEER AVIC-Z130BT REVIEW – Flagship In-dash Navigation

The Pioneer Avic-z130bt is one of pioneer’s flagship devices. I’ve learned from installing this unit that they’ve included everything an everyday radio user needs as well as everything a car audio geek like us will use as well. The Rca pre-outs for the front and rear speakers are of exceptional quality as well as the sub pre-outs.

Pioneer avic-z130bt Review

Now when you talk about car audio features its important to know that pioneer never slacks in this department, I mean we’re talking Iphone/Ipod integration, Bluetooth paired with an intuitive user interface. I’ve included a list of the most relevant features the pioneer avic-z130bt comes with below:

Pioneer AVIC-z130bt Review – Specs

  • Listen to Pandora internet radio from your Iphone/android device through the pioneer avic-z130bt hands free.
  • Listen to HD Radi0 with pioneers built in HD tuner that brings your FM quality to an amazing CD like quality.
  • Use the integrated Pioneer GPS software with 12,000,000 points of interest to navigate around the US safely.
  • Mechanical screen that slides down to reveal its CD loader.
  • USB input for Iphone and Ipod control.
  • AhA radio to integrate Yelp and Facebook and twitter feeds.
  • App Mode will allow you to stream your music and videos from your Iphone.
  • 800 x 480 WVGA resolution.
  • Anti-glare motorized touch screen.
  • adjustable screen with memory mode.

Pioneer AVIC-z130bt Review – Navigation Specifications

  • 12,000,000 million points of interest.
  • 4gb f.ash drive memory for map updates.
  • Text to speech (listen to your navigation unit).
  • 3d maps
  • Fuel cost reports

Pioneer AVIC-z130bt Review – Installation

Installation of this unit is very simple, its a little different than a standard single din radio because there are a few more connections needed in order to really get the most out of this device. Your standard aftermarket wiring harness, antenna adapter and kit are your basic accessories for installation, however there are a couple of other connections this radio uses for full functionality.

The main parking brake connection allows you to watch movies while the parking brake is engaged, this is the light green wire on the pioneer harness. To take advantage of the navigation option you will need to mount a small antenna (included in box) in clear view of the sky. Check out our step by step radio installation instructions if you have any questions.

There are a couple additional options you can purchase for this unit as well. The first being the Sat radio tuner, this tuner is a small box shaped unit that allows for the Sirius XM option and will allow you to receive XM stations on the go with a push of a button. You can mount this tuner where ever you see fit but the antenna must be mounted in clear view of the sky, preferably on the top of the vehicle centered right above the windshield if at all possible.

Pioneer has also launched a rear view camera that pairs perfectly with this radio. This rear view camera is one of the best to use when in low light or low visibility with a high end optical lens made specifically for harsh weather.

The way it works is actually pretty simple, When you shift your vehicle into reverse your screen will then show what your camera sees. I find that the most important feature of a rear view camera is its clarity, if it isn’t clear enough it puts my clients and their vehicles in danger.