JVC KW-R940BTS Review – An Option Packed Stereo That’s Actually Easy to Use

If you too want to improve your safety and enhance your in-car entertainment with a new car stereo, the JVC KW-R940BTS is one of the best options you should consider. It is a budget-friendly multimedia receiver with some of the most innovative features you would want in a double DIN head unit.

In this review, we take a closer look at the features and offerings of the JVC KW-R940BTS to help you make an informed decision.

JVC KW-R940BTS Review

The JVC KW-R940BTS is a fully-featured double-DIN receiver with a big LCD display that gives you instant access to all the information right on your dashboard.

It comes with several innovative features including a removable anti-theft face. It offers outstanding sound quality and supports a CD player, USB ports, built-in Bluetooth, FM tuner and a wide variety of audio streaming options.


The JVC KW-R940BTS has a large, clear, 2-line LCD display that lets you view the song info quickly. It offers sharp images, high contrast and a wide viewing angle for great visibility. It displays information about album/song/artist and audio settings.

You can assign different illumination colors to the display to match your car interior. It also includes several attractive features like a wireless remote and a removable faceplate.

What Comes In The Box?

  • Instruction manual
  • Remote
  • Wiring harness
  • Bluetooth microphone
  • Mounting screws

What Will You need For Installation

  • Aftermarket wiring harness (connects to JVC harness)
  • Antenna adapter
  • Sirius XM antenna bundle (optional)
  • Stereo Double din Dash Kit

Built-in Bluetooth

The JVC KW-R940BTS comes equipped with Bluetooth to let you make and receive phone calls wirelessly and stream music from the smartphone. You can pair any Bluetooth-enabled phone, Android or Apple smartphone by connecting it to the USB of the head unit.

With its dual-phone connection feature, you can connect two phones to the receiver at the same time. The StreamingDJ feature allows connecting five Bluetooth-enabled audio sources to the receiver to make it easy to switch between music sources.

This head unit supports Bluetooth hands-free communication with natural sound quality. You can use the controls on the head unit to dial a number, answer a call, or end it. You can enjoy the wireless calling facility with the receiver’s microphone and the car’s speakers.

When paired with an iPhone, the receiver can access Siri through front-panel controls and microphone. You can communicate with Siri and execute all the functions including text messages, phone, reminders and navigation. You can even use the eyes-free functionality to get directions.

Smartphone Integration

The JVC KW-R940BTS lets you connect your Android smartphone via USB to stream music. It supports Android Open Accessory to listen to the stored music and access library from music apps on the smartphone.

You can control all the basic playback functions from the head unit’s display. You can also download the JVC Music Play App on the Android phone to browse the music library using the receiver’s controls. The interface also displays the song/album information.

The front-panel USB port can also be used to connect your iPhone or iPod to the head unit. iPhone Direct connection supports music navigation and playback, information display and charging function.

You can use the head unit controls to search for music and control the playback. The receiver will display the information about music like album, artist and playing time.

JVC KW-R940BTS Review


The receiver lets you access Spotify, Pandora and other online music services through a connected smartphone. You can control your Pandora and Spotify music service with functions like play/pause tracks, browse albums, playlists and radio stations and skip songs using the receiver’s interface.

You can view all the information about the currently playing track on the head unit display. You can even bookmark a song or give it a thumbs up or down on Pandora.

The JVC KW-R940BTS is SiriusXM-Ready and lets you access all the available channels along with search functionality. You can view the information about the channels and songs on the LCD display and save presets. The receiver even has a built-in AM/FM tuner that lets you store a large number of station presets.

Playback Compatibility

This double-DIN receiver features a disc player that plays CD audio and supports WMA, MP3, AAC music file formats. The JVC KW-R940BTS also has a front-panel USB port hidden behind a cover.

This port allows connecting removable mass storage devices like card reader and portable music player. The receiver also has a front-panel minijack to allow connecting portable audio source with a headphone output.

Audio Quality

The receiver uses a 24-bit DAC to deliver optimum sound quality. It also comes equipped with a MOSFET amplifier that delivers high power with less distortion and zero noise. More power means clear and loud sound at high volumes.

It delivers a peak output of 50 watts over four channels. It features rear, front, and subwoofer preamp outputs. State-of-the-art K2 technology improves the sound quality of compressed files when playing from Bluetooth, CD or USB. With the K2 technology activated, the sound is smooth, wide and natural.


  • Large LCD display
  • Pairing up to five Bluetooth devices
  • Support for Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio
  • K2 Technology for amazing sound enhancement
  • Works well with Android smartphones
  • Removable anti-theft faceplate
  • Compatible with a variety of music files


  • Somewhat difficult to set up
  • No touchscreen display
  • Doesn’t support DVD
  • Limited support for Apple devices
  • Not enough screen brightness
  • Durability is low
JVC KW-R940BTS Review


The perfect pick for those who want to enjoy modern infotainment features without any distractions, the JVC KW-R940BTS is designed to keep you safe and entertained as you drive. It comes with built-in Bluetooth to facilitate wireless calling and music streaming.

It is a minimalistic car stereo with all the basics including USB, radio and CD player, and excellent audio quality. It is one of the few double DIN head units to come with an anti-theft removable faceplate.