How to Install a Voltage Reducer On A Golf Cart (Explained by an installer)

  1. Verify you have all parts necessary for the install.
  2. Verify you have your fuse rated at the maximum amperage needed for all of your accessory devices.
  3. find a mounting location. The reducer gets hot so we recommend some where the reducer can get a bit of air flow. Now turn your golf cart to the off position and the “Tow maintenance switch is on”.
  4. prep your wires with your mounting location in mind. Make sure to cover them and run them with split loon wire protectors to protect them.
  5. You’ll be connecting to the starting point of the golf carts battery chain. These are the first 2 batteries in the series circuit.
  6. connect the voltage reducer to the ignition switch. This was it can be turned off.
  7. Verify you have 12v on the output of the voltage reducer.
  8. Power on system and verify proper operation.

What is a voltage reducer and what does it do?

A voltage reducer works by taking a higher voltage input and reducing it to a lower voltage output. This is done by using a series of diodes and capacitors that are specifically designed to handle the task.

The voltage reducer will take the incoming voltage and reduce it to the desired level, while also filtering out any noise or interference that may be present.

In my opinion, if you are installing an accessory device onto an electric golf cart you need a voltage reducer. What they do for a golf carts electrical system is very important.

For example, Electric golf carts generally have multiple 12v, 8v or 6v batteries that are hooked up in series. This could present a problem if your trying to install 12v accessory device like headlights or a stereo into your cart.

The theory behind Pulling from all batteries as apposed to 1 or just a few is to not kill off our batteries quickly. Pulling from all batteries helps the system last longer between all batteries.

A 12v accessory device will only need 12 volts, but your electrical system has like 6 12v batteries total. That’s way too much potential for a small stereo.

In-steps the voltage reducer that will allow you to connect to virtually all of the 12v batteries in the vehicle at once and reduce that large amount of voltage down to 12 volts.

What Happens If I Don’t Install a voltage reducer In my golf cart ?

If you don’t install a voltage reducer on a golf cart when adding accessory devices you will damage those devices and possibly one or more of your batteries. Your golf cart batteries would literally be sending too much voltage to your accessory device(s).

Another scenario is when you try and hook an accessory up to a single 12v battery on a golf cart with more than one. This will kill that battery faster over time and you’ll find yourself having to buy batteries more often.

This also happens when you try and hook up to 2 6volt batteries. You’ll kill them both faster than the other batteries.

This also might be a good time to bring up fuses. Please install a fuse in lone with your voltage reducer. This fuse should be rated at the sum of all your devices your looking to power with it.

What Type of Volt Reducer do I need for my Golf Cart ?

The most common voltage reducers are the 48v, 24v and 36v reducers. These reducers differ by the amount of voltage they can reduce, their amperage and what type of systems they can be installed onto.

Also, its important to know the amperage of any accessories you would like to use the reducer for to verify the voltage reducer will be able to provide enough current to power the accessory.

For example, If you have a stereo that needs 12 volts and 30 amps that you are looking to install into a golf cart with 4 6 volt batteries you will need a reducer capable of dropping 24 volts down to 12 volts with a current rating of 30 amps.

Will My Accessories Still Work Without Installing a Voltage Reducer?

In short, Yes. Assuming you have enough voltage and current from your batteries you should be able to install your accessories and keep them working for a while. When I say “A while”, I literally mean that.

As stated above, without a voltage reducer you could kill multiple batteries and that can get expensive.

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