FOCAL PS 165 REVIEW – Component Car Speakers

focal ps165

Focal ps165 car audio speakers are becoming more and more popular and worth their price tag. The incredibly powerful, responsive, loud, and clear speaker mainly fits right with the high quality Focal line of products.

Focal speakers are definitely made with only high-grade materials and are consistent with the premium industry standard.


  • Peak Power Handling of 160 watts
  • Speaker size of 6-1/2 inches
  • Sensitivity of 92.5 dB
  • RMS Power Handling of 80 watts
  • Woofer Composition: Polyglass
  • Tweeter Composition: Aluminum
  • Woofer Surround: Butyl Rubber
  • Frequency Response of 60- 20000 kHz
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Bottom-Mount Depth: 2- ¾ inches
  • Top-Mount Depth: 2-9/16 inches
  • Speaker Grilles: Included

Audio Specification of Focal ps165

  • Butyl rubber surrounds the woofer.
  • RMS Power Handling of 80 watts
  • Peak Power Handling of 160 watts

Our Professional Opinion

Finding the best speaker for your car is never an easy task. It takes time and effort in order to find an excellent set. In addition to that, there are also many things to consider when buying audio speakers for your car, one of which is your budget.

Good to know that many stores now offer wide range of car audio speakers that customers can choose from. The Focal ps165 car audio speakers are some of the most popular component style car speakers available today.

These speakers have lightweight polyglass woofers with an abutyl rubber surrounding around the speaker which is one of the main reasons why this car speaker set is so rigid, strong, and most of all premium in sound quality.

It’s Aluminum Inverted Dome tweeter is perfect for smoothness and the definition with the tremendous off-axis type of response you need in a tweeter that handles all of the high frequencies all music has these days such as chimes, hi-hats and the “s” in an musicians vocals.

If you are one of the many car owners who want a car audio speaker that would out perform almost any type of speaker on the market, but you do not want to spend more than $1000, then picking up the Focal ps165 speakers would be my recommendation. From installing these speakers iv’e found that they sound amazing by themselves but they are at their best with a 4 channel amplifier like this one from Diomond Audio.

FOCAL PS 165 Pros & Cons


Every product is different from the other, this is all because of the unique characteristics and features that it has Just like any other products. users can always expect greatness upon purchasing the Focal ps165’s.

  • The improvement on the both ends of this car speaker is noticeable.
  • Clear speakers that are worth the money.
  • The woofer puts out a fantastic sound.
  • Better mid-bass compared to most other speakers.
  • The tweeter is clear and natural compared to other speakers in its class.

Different products have their downsides, which can sometimes make customers doubtful of whether the product is worth their money or not. The Focal ps165 car audio speakers are in the business of shattering those doubts.


  • Listening to this kind of speaker might produce a bit of fatigue. There is a need to tune down the tweeters. For others, this fatigue maybe worth it, but this may not be for some. On top of that, this product is still the best car speaker that you can find in the market and tuning your treble knob on your radio fixes this small fatigue issue.

Take car audio to the next level with this cool and amazing car audio speaker set. You can be certain that your car will have some of the best audio speakers in the U.S. Surely, this car audio speaker system will bring tons of advantages to your vehicles sound system.

These speakers added mid bass and more natural high frequencies that have family and friends asking to ride in your car with you, which is something that you can be proud of.