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Garmin 350 Review

Garmin Nuvi 350 Review

Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator and Personal Travel Assistant Although I have never actually owned a standalone GPS unit, I have to say the technology has improved. My first experience with GPS was in a rental […]

Best Radar Detectors For Motorbikes

Best Radar Detector for Motorcycles

With the TPX system, you will no longer have to try to make automotive radar detectors work for your motorcycle. Apart from all the motorcycle-specific radar detection features, the system includes update-able GPS data points for Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras. The data points are regularly updated and available free of charge.

How to Add Satellite Radio to My Car

How to add satellite radio to my car: Adding satellite radio to your vehicle can be as simple as plugging in a power adapter to your cigarette lighter adapter, plugging in an auxiliary plug and mounting an […]