Best Radar Detector For California

Best Radar Detector For California – Escort Passport Max 2 HD

Best Radar Detector For CaliforniaNobody likes getting a speeding ticket and that is why there are lots of apps designed to warn about police locations.

However, when driving on a highway, only a full-featured radar detector can help you put a check on your ‘lead foot’ condition.

The market is crowded with radar detectors, each with their own set of unique features and benefits.

One of the best choices for radar detectors today is Escort Passport Max 2 HD. Used by millions of driving enthusiasts worldwide, Max 2 is built to deliver a breakthrough radar performance like none other. Providing ultimate accuracy and range, the radar detector allows driving without worry.

In this article, we review the Escort’s latest radar detector and consider its features, performance, pros and cons to help you find out if it is the perfect device for people in California.


The Passport Max 2 HD is Escort’s most advanced, top of the line model and is designed to cover the major frequencies used by traffic law enforcement including laser, K band, X band and Ka band.

One of the main benefits of this detector is its built-in GPS chip that compares the database of fixed red light and speed cameras with your current location to be able to warn you ahead of time that there is photo enforcement ahead.

The detector has a Bluetooth connectivity that pairs it with your smartphone so that you can use the Escort Live app available for Android and iOS.

This app displays your current speed and a live map of your peregrinations and sounds warnings as reported by other drivers in the area.

One impressive thing about Escort Passport Max 2 is that it won’t confuse you with false alarms. It uses the power of an internal DSP to exclude the errant frequencies in your location.

On an isolated country road, other radar detectors report K-band hits while Passport Max 2 HD works really well at silencing those false alerts and allowing a quiet drive. It is also relatively silent on urban streets generally filled with false alarms.

If stuck in traffic near a speed trap, you can use the mute button to mute the current warning and tap the button three times to store the location as a false warning.



Best Radar Detector For CaliforniaEscort Passport Max 2 HD is somewhat larger in size as compared to other modern devices. It measures 1.3 x 3.2 x 5.3 inches and weighs 9.6 ounces. The design is quite professional with black and silver accents.

The front houses the detector while the small nodule on the top detects laser signals. An OLED display at the back shows the radar hits accompanied by the current speed limit, you speed and the signal strength.

At the top, you can find a number of buttons that allow changing the detector’s volume, mark locations and set the detection mode. It comes with a suction-cup mount which fits on smooth dashboard surfaces or windshield. It includes a 12 V power cord with buttons for basic functions and plugs to the side.



Best Radar Detector For CaliforniaRadar traps and squad cars for speed checks are effectively detected by this device. Escort Passport Max 2 is quite sensitive at detecting K and Ka bands and warns consistently before coming in visual contact with the speed traps.

It gives plenty of warnings about fixed radar signals and manual police speed traps. The device emits a loud alert when reporting laser hits to grab your attention instantly.

The meter on the display shows bars indicating the signal strength. The audible alert gains frequency when approaching the radar detector and the volume is lowered automatically to avoid any annoyance.

Escort’s red light camera database is comparatively more accurate and complete. It includes the locations of cameras hidden intentionally by municipalities in areas like New York City.

The detector incorporates learning behaviors to be able to eliminate false alerts. It uses the GPS to identify if the signal comes from the same location every time. After some repeated passes, the device will stop alerting for those hits which it determines as false.

When used in Highway mode, the radar detector offers a detection range of 6 miles. Such a range gives you some time to react and slow down after notifying about the traffic or police stop.

Max 2 HD comes pre-loaded with speed camera and red light locations throughout North America. You can use weekly updates to stay updated on the latest changes and upcoming traps.


  • Speed notifications
  • Good sensitivity
  • Eliminates false alerts


  • Expensive
  • Non-standard power cord


Escort Passport Max 2 HD for California

Radar detectors are completely legal to use in the state of California. Escort Passport Max 2 HD comes pre-loaded with location information about red light and speed cameras in the area to detect speed traps accurately and save you from tickets.

With a choice of Highway and City modes, the device offers reliable performance through cities and on highways. You can use the City Mode while driving around downtown to stay updated on potential threats while staying away from false alerts.

On the other hand, driving on the highway or rural areas, the radar detector can be used on Highway mode.

The highway patrol in California uses a pop-up radar and laser radar. Max 2 HD is capable of detecting laser and instantly records your speed to alert you of speed limit.

Pop-up radars are really quick and can be too fast for a detector to help. However, Escort Passport Max 2 HD is developed to work in almost all conditions and speed law enforcement settings.



The new Escort Passport Max 2 HD delivers a breakthrough radar performance with ultimate range and accuracy to help users drive worry-free in any setting. It is an excellent choice for those who want a fully-functional, advanced and reliable radar detector for ticket protection.