ATOTO A6 Pro Review – Android Car Navigation Stereo

ATOTO A6 Pro Review

If you find that your integrated car stereo seems dull and basic and you feel the absence of advanced features like LCD, hands-free calling, navigation and entertainment, it is the right time to invest in an Android car stereo.

Many new vehicles come equipped with Android Auto to enable users connect their smartphone seamlessly to the car to be able to use Google Maps, receive phone calls, send and receive messages and do much more without having to use the phone. Your old car may not have this innovative technology inbuilt.

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However, it is possible to outfit your current vehicle with a system like Android-Auto by installing one of the best-in-class Android Car Navigation Stereo. Once installed, you can connect the phone to the car easily and use all the functions to benefit from the latest technology.

Today, we review one of the most popular Android radio systems, ATOTO A6 Pro to help you decide whether it would work right for you.

ATOTO A6 Pro Review – Updated 2018

An inexpensive, all-touchscreen Android radio system, ATOTO A6 Pro is one of best-selling car stereo systems in the market. It is a highly optimized car stereo with a lot of features you may need in a long run. It offers a quick boot performance and gets started in just 2 seconds, providing you convenience and saving battery drainage.


Design and Operating System

ATOTO A6 Pro is a powerful Android radio system developed on the Android Marshmallow operating system and is capable of connecting seamlessly to the Android smartphone to allow making calls, listening to your favorite music and sending text messages while driving.

ATOTO A6 Pro Review

It comes with a 256GB SSD drive to facilitate huge storage. You can preload all your favorite tunes into the drive to stream and enjoy even when offline.

The design is simple. There are few physical buttons and you can perform all the functions by navigating through the touchscreen.

The operating system is customized for vehicles and features support for back camera, AM/FM, dash camera and other accessories without any problem. It offers a faster boot time than those based on Pumpkin Android.

Bluetooth Connectivity

ATOTO A6 Pro has an integrated WiFi system to let you access online maps and a number of apps with ease.

One of the most powerful features of this system is the inclusion of two Bluetooth chips. One of them controls calling and messaging while the other chip is aimed at handling music related commands.

This Bluetooth connectivity makes the system stand out from other Android car stereos. It allows connecting up to three devices simultaneously.

Dual Band WiFi

ATOTO A6 Pro Review

The car stereo features dual Wi-Fi connection support meaning A6 Pro can connect to the hotspots set AP band of 5GHz.

In addition to reversing camera video input, the system features two additional video inputs allowing you to connect up to two cameras at the same time for special applications.

Latest 178-degree full-view angle IPS display screen with high contrast makes sure you get the best viewing experience even in the daylight. Important app tips can be viewed clearly.

The stereo comes loaded with the latest Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX to allow streaming wired sound as well as wireless music. The music system also includes advanced and powerful pre-amplifier from Toshiba with excellent performance. It supports all the car speakers from 2 to 8 ohms.

Versatile Connectivity

ATOTO A6 Pro also offers a great versatility of outputs. It allows connecting the back camera to Dash camera. Personal privacy protection feature gives you peace of mind. Built-in GPS navigation, hands-free data transfer and steering wheel audio control are some of the additional features available.

The ATOTO A6 Pro has a lot of inputs and outputs customized to work better in vehicles. Built-in EasyConnect app allows casting what is displayed on the phone to the stereo screen through WiFi/USB.

Exclusive Hand Gesture Recognition Sensor allows you to control the system with hand gestures while driving. You can easily skip tracks, adjust volume and perform other operations quickly without having to press a button or touch the screen. An extra feature is the Screen Lock option that allows users to lock the screen when the stereo system is not in control.

Highest Compatibility for Installation/Fit

ATOTO Pro 6 is designed to offer the highest compatibility for installation and fit. It can fit perfectly into any car without any trimming necessary.

Phone battery can drain quickly when streaming audio via Bluetooth or sharing the data. ATOTO A6 Pro delivers power to phone faster than any other car stereo.

The car stereo comes with 9 built-in languages to facilitate different types of users. You can efficiently run third-party apps on the device.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Beautiful design
  • Flawless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Loud and clear microphone
  • Ease of installation
  • Fast booting
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Excellent viewing experience
  • Hand gesture recognition
  • Smooth and friendly third-party app support
  • Nine languages included


  • RCA lineout can be confusing for some people
  • Dead spots on the screen


Review Summary

Designed to be beautiful and sleek, the ATOTO A6 Pro features a built-in clear and loud microphone with superior quality Bluetooth connectivity.

It is a best-selling Android car stereo on Amazon and makes a pocket-friendly option to equip your old vehicles with the latest music and connectivity features.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to boost your car’s music system to enjoy the Android Auto-like functions, ATOTO A6 Pro is definitely a great option.