Alpine iLX-007 Review – Integrated Google Maps

The maps feature on the Alpine iLX-007 allows you to use your phone in the same way people use their factory integrated GPS radios. The difference is you now have voice prompts, traffic updates, 3-d views and zooming features from your phone with a software you know and understand. We simply had to create a alpine iLX-007 Review to explain the awesomeness of this stereo.

Alpine ILX-007 Review – Play Your Music

With the Alpine Audio Apple car play unit you are able to play your music seamlessly by using siri or manually picking each song with the touch of a button. You are able to browse your music by playlists, artist, albums as well as by your favorite songs. After you’ve picked your favorite song you can then create a playlist to store your favorite songs and quickly find them later on with your Alpine iLX-007 when you want. Get a closer look at the Alpine car play stereo here.

Alpine ILX-007 Review: –Seamlessly Access Siri

Siri works the exact same way on the Alpine car play system as it does on your actual IPhone. You can use Siri to navigate the entire radios interface in order to provide a safe browsing experience while driving! You are able to make and receive phone calls with Siri as well as listen to and respond to text messages on the go.

Alpine ILX-007 Review – Tune Your System For The Best Sound Possible

You can download Alpine’s new Tune-it application from the app store and begin to tune your Alpine iLX-007 with options most other radios do not have the ability to produce. After downloading the application you can create a vehicle profile with your own specific EQ settings and build upon that! You can use pro features like Media Xpander and Time correction and crossover settings to produce professional a professional sound that you will enjoy while you are on the go.

If you have an iphone 5 or newer with IOS 7.1 or higher the Alpine iLX-007 is perfect for you! This Alpine ilx-007 Audio unit uses Apple car play which is a new totally optimized software that allows you to use your iphone’s map features, music features, siri, messaging and call features seamlessly from your radio.

Alpine ILX-007 Review – Installation note:

There are two things that can be some what of a nuisance when using the Alpine iLX-007. The first would be that you have to engage the parking brake to use any of the settings on this radio be it the EQ or the or any other settings under the settings menu.

I literally had to engage the parking brake in order to set the clock to the correct time after I installed this unit. The second thing I would like you to know that most companies don’t explain clearly is that this is a digital media receiver and is not a CD player!

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alpine iLX-007 Review